Do women even care? Is it even possible?

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Semen is more than just the milky sticky substance that oozes out of a penis.

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#1. Culture

The Sambia people of the Etoro tribe in Papua New Guinea believed Semen was a sacred magical fluid that promoted masculinity and sexual maturation in…

Yeah it sucks!

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To have better sex we need to get closer to it’s essence.

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This is not a hack on how to get the girl. This is intended for men who are on a journey to better themselves.

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There’s a reason women love reading erotic novels.

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The hardest thing about emotional abuse is the invisible wound

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#3. The Predator.

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#1. The know-it-all

At my first tutoring job, I was so determined to show my competence that I never dared to admit when I didn’t know something. So I answered questions without say those god forsaken words. You’re wondering how I did that? I would give a long-winded answer, that's related to the question…

What you can do about it.

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The day you stop seeking approval is the day you start living

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“The Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.”

How Approval Costs Us Our Authenticity


Dona Mwiria

I have a Masters degree in Biochemistry. I write about science, sexuality and relationships. If you enjoy my work you can buy me a coffee here:

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