When a woman sleeps with a man there are details she can’t help but share with her closest female friends.

It’s been long known that talking about a men’s dick is one of the few ways women leverage power over men. This is not the only reason why women dish on your member when out sipping on overpriced drinks.

Sometimes we do it out of passion, sometimes it’s for a…

There’s etiquette to getting your cock sucked, and many men are missing the mark

Sucking dick is not an easy task. It’s bobbing up and down on your penis. While trying to mimic the death grip you’ve perfected since puberty. We do it because we enjoy pleasuring you.

A survey involving 1114 respondents found that among the 96.2% of heterosexual and bisexual women who…

Dona Mwiria

I have a Masters degree in Biochemistry. I write about science, sexuality and relationships. If you enjoy my work you can buy me a coffee here: buymeacoff.ee/Do

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